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Searchengine Optimization: Basic principles

Before a website will be registered at searchengines, it is usefull to follow some beasic principles for the website. With this you not only reach a better result at the searchengines, but the site will also be bettre readable for your visitors. Most principles sound very logical, but in practice they seem not always to be followed up. Below follow some basic principles. If you can't do it yourself or when you want do the searchengine optimization in a serious way, then you better get adviced by a professional. For this, go to the contactpage.

  • Take care that there are no dead links on your website.
  • Add meta-tags to the source to give a descent description for each page (this will be shown at the searchengine results).
  • Make enough pages, with usefull text content on it, that will be comfortable to read for visitors.
  • Have a structural built-up opbouw of the site, where all the pages are findable throught links, in example with the help of a sitemap.
  • Give images a description, so also visually impaired people know what you show.
  • Limit the use of flash.

Of course, for a fully advice it's neccessary to examine your website, please contact for a pricing.