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ITMATEC is a freelance company. The experience obtained in the IT is since 1987: programming, system- and networkmanager on a LAN with over 200 nodes. Since 2002 been active as sr. SEM Consultant at one of the main Search Engine Mediaoffices of the Netherlands. At that time working for Dutch customers like i.a. Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), Ministry of Home Affairs, PolisDirect, Zilveren Kruis, FBTO, Alfa Romeo Netherlands, PolisDirect, FBTO, NationaleVacaturebank, VGZ, Bex reizen, Wehkamp and Orange, besides co-oporated with webdesignoffices like i.a. GX and Clockwork.

Using the name ITMATEC, freelance parttime work is done now. This work is done at home, so expenses will be saved.
In this way there is performed SEO-work for Autodesk, Inc., the makers of i.a. AutoCAD, by order of Onet Finland Oy. Onet wirites about the perfomed work "You have done an excellent job! ". An example of webdesign is this site. Also is being adviced to Greg's Hangar with the creation of a website and Collectif Fédérateur D'actions and Foto for searchengine optimization (SEO).

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