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Searchengine Marketing (SEM)

The purpose of a website is to share information with others or to promote a product or a business. To do this it is important that the targetgroup knows about the website. As most of the future visitors are already active internet-users, the best way to promote your website is to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Many people don't use the paper guides anymore, but start their search (to spend money) immediately at their favourite searchengine on the internet. So marketing through the searchengines is the most effective way to promote your website. Before you decide to hire an SEM-company / SEM-consultant or try to do-it-yourself, it's good to know what it's all about.

Searchengine marketing has different aspects:

  • Searchengine Optimization: With searchengine optimization you aim at higher searchresults at searchengines. You need to know some technical aspects of html and have to find out which search-terms are important.

  • Searchengine Advertising: With a prefixed budget you can advertise aside the searchresults. Balancing with budget, searchterms and the right text is a specialists job and takes a lot of time.

  • Submission service or Linkbuilding: Single-time submission with searchengines and portals/webguides. This is also time consuming and when you register at the wrong webguide, your site can be banned by the searchengines. Being shown at many webguides can also bring visitors to your site.